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You Mold

Make a mold of your teeth using the impressions. Find out if Smiles by Design is right for you by clicking below. Soon after, You will receive instructions and materials to make a mold of your teeth. Once you have finished, send back your mold for free with the provided return label so we can get started.

We Design

Our team of orthodontists will design your  aligners and treatment plan. One of our orthodontists will review your case and create a treatment plan that is unique to you. Once you approve of your treatment plan, our team of dedicated technicians will get to work right away on making your clear aligners to the exact specifications.

You Wear

Receive your personalized aligners. You will receive your clear aligners within 2 weeks with a storage case and instructions for use. By following the treatment plan outlined by our team of highly skilled Orthodontists, you will be well on your way to your perfect smile.



We ensure that the quality of all of our products are made with excellence. Our trained orthodontists are have years of experience of bettering smiles.


The range of products that we have include: instructions on how to create your impression mold, aligners with container, oral b electronic tooth brush, teeth whitening kit and more.  


We love transforming people's teeth and seeing their huge smiles after their treatments. They are so used to the insecurities of their smile and the metamorphosis is what lets us know we achieved our mission.


Smile by Design

Complete our quick and easy quiz to find out if SBD is right for you. After you are approved, you can get your new smiles.


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