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"...I had one crooked front tooth that made me very insecure. No one ever said anything about it. I knew what they were thinking."

“...I hated to smile and learned to laugh with my mouth closed. I am sure people noticed it.” 

“...When I was younger I was teased a lot about my teeth. As I grew up I became more shy and withdrawn. My parents didn’t have money for braces.”

“...I didn’t have the confidence to ask her out on a date. She was beautiful and had the perfect teeth. I had no chance.” 

When customers come to us, they often share some of their biggest pain points in life.  They put on a happy face for the world to see but deep down they don't feel good.

These are some of the comments we get:

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Scroll Down And See How You Can Live Your Kickass Life Now! 

These are just some of the comments we get from our customers when they start with us. Many of them lead a healthy lifestyle. They eat healthy. Go to the gym. Do what they’ve been told to be more attractive. But it’s only when they fix their smile do they actually see a significant impact in their lives.  


A few months into their treatment they already begin to see significant results.  Their confidence shoots up and they start smiling and laughing more.  They are generally happier and more successful.

  • Each of our cases is evaluated and prescribed by a licensed orthodontist.

  • Each case is designed online using an industry standard software.

  • We have periodic check-ins where the orthodontist reviews your progress to ensure you are on your way to your perfect smile.

  • ​Since everything is done remotely and we do not have to pay for office space, we pass the savings to our customers.

Let Us Share Some Secrets With You

Imagine what life would be like in a year from now if you start this process today...

Imagine you are sitting in a coffee shop a year from now reflecting on your life. Where would you be both personally and professionally? Would your self worth increase? Would you feel more powerful at work? Would you be happier? Would you hold your head up high because you look and feel better? Will your social capital be higher? 


Would you tell yourself this was the best decision you ever made? 

Our customers always tell us how much easier life gets after treatment.  They are happier and things work out better for them.

This is a game changer!


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As soon as you buy the system, we will ship you our impression kit.  In the package, you  will find the easy to follow instructions on how to take your own impression of your smile.  Send us back your mold with the free return label so we can assess your case.



When we get your impressions, we scan them into our software and send the file to an  American trained orthodontist on our team to design your case.  The orthodontist will then determine the appropriate treatment and your case will then be designed. At this point you will get the details of your treatment.  You will know how long your treatment will take to complete, and how many aligners you will get. You will also get a video of your smile transformation  showing how your teeth will move into the perfect position.



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Show the world your new smile.  After completing treatment and having a final check with the

orthodontist, you will need to wear a set of retainers at night to keep your beautiful new smile in

place.  (The first set of retainers is included with this offer).

Here is what you get:


Impression Box

Sent to you with all necessary instructions to take the perfect impressions of your teeth.

Return Shipping Label

So you can send us back your impressions at no extra cost to you.

Orthodontic Evaluation

Your case will be evaluated by an American licensed orthodontist.

Orthodontic Prescription

You can use it to claim coverage from your insurance company.

Transformation Video

You will get a personal smile transformation video to see how your teeth will transform throughout the treatment.


All treatment aligners will be mailed to your home.

Plus...When You Purchase Now, You Will Also Get These Super Cool Bonuses

  • Bonus 1: Aligner carrying case

  • Bonus 2: First set of post treatment retainers

  • Bonus 3: Oral-B electric toothbrush

  • Bonus 4: Tooth whitening kit upon completion of treatment

​Benefits of

Smiles By Design


  • Invisible appearance made of clear smooth plastic

  • Removable appliance making it easy to maintain good oral hygiene

  • Low cost without compromising quality

  • ​Saves time as there are no unnecessary visits to the orthodontist office

  • ​No food restrictions as food does not interfere with treatment

  • ​Increases confidence by providing the beautiful smile you always dreamed of


“...I got excellent service and value for my money.”

 “I am so happy I decided to try Smiles by Design. I love my teeth! I got excellent service and value for my money (actually my parents money :))!


“...They went above and beyond...”

Smiles by Design understood my needs and guided me through the process. Everything was done in an extremely professional manner. They went above and beyond what I expected from an online company. They really care about the individual.


"...I should have done this years ago!”

“You’ve given me something to smile about! I am grateful for all your care, compassion, and the amazing work that you have done for me. You are making an impact probably much bigger than you even see. The process was super easy. I should have done this years ago!"


Hurry! Time is of the essence. This is your defining moment!

Here’s A Recap Of


When You Purchase The Smiles By Design Today!

  • Impression box with return shipping label ($97 Value)

  • ​Orthodontic evaluation by a licensed orthodontist ($197 Value)

  • ​Personal smile transformation video ($297 Value)

  • ​All treatment aligners mailed to your home ($4,800 Value)

  • Bonus: aligner carrying case ($20 Value)

  • ​Bonus: First set of post treatment retainers ($147)

  • ​Bonus: Oral-B electric toothbrush ($65 Value)

  • ​Bonus: Tooth whitening kit upon completion of treatment ($125 Value)


Total value $5,746

But today, you're getting all of this for...

JUST $297 DowN

+ 18 monthly payments of $97 / month

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