“I had one crooked front tooth which made me very insecure.  No one ever said anything about it but it made me very uncomfortable.”

“I hated to smile and learned to laugh with my mouth closed.  I am sure people noticed it.”

“When I was younger I was teased a lot about my teeth.  As I grew up I became more shy and withdrawn.  My parents didn’t have money for braces.”


“I didn’t have the confidence to ask her out on a date.  She was beautiful and had the perfect teeth.  I had no chance.”

Segway to their pain??

Below are just some of the comments we get from our customers.  Many of them lead a healthy lifestyle.  They eat healthy.  Go to the gym.  Do what they’ve been told to be more attractive.  But it’s only when they fix their smile do they actually see a significant impact in their lives.  Their confidence shoots up and they start smiling and laughing more.

Stacey came to us when she was 27 years old.  She hated  her smile.  As a teen she was very uncomfortable about smiling.  “Good teeth were never a thing in my family.  My parents worked hard to provide for us but braces was low on their list of priorities. I had crooked teeth and kids made fun of me at school.  I never really learned how to smile properly because of my teeth and this affected my confidence as a kid.  I remember always trying to stay in the background, feeling embarrassed, not mixing with the crowd in the cafeteria or in the yard.  In every school photo I am caught without a smile.  And I’ve always been conscious about keeping my mouth closed when I’m around people.  I didn’t really go to any parties.”  Stacey preferred to stay home with her best friend.  She wasn’t happy with this choice but also didn’t feel she was “pretty enough” to go out.  “I became fixated on other people’s teeth, always thinking why theirs looked so straight and mine looked so bad.”  

As Stacey got older and started her career, she also chose to stay in the background.  “I didn’t want to approach my boss and ask for a promotion.  Deep down I knew I deserved it, but I lacked the confidence to go after it” she shared.  When her friend ended up being promoted instead, Stacey was very upset.  All the bad feelings from school came rushing back.  She was angry at herself for allowing this to continue for so long and decided she’d had enough.  She was tired of being in the background.

That’s when Stacey contacted Smiles By Design.  She was assured that the treatment will be discrete and done in the comfort of her own home.  After getting her impression kit she was very quick to send back her impressions and start her case.

Fast forward to 2019, just 4 months into treatment, Stacey’s confidence was improving.  She started joining her colleagues after work for drinks.  She was smiling more, contributing more at work, and most importantly getting noticed by her boss!

Here is what she recently said: “Thank you smiles by design!  My smile transformation has been life changing.  I’m not afraid to laugh at a joke, and I don’t need to close my mouth or cover my teeth anymore.  I feel good about myself and I get compliments about the way I look all the time.  I go out often now and my boss told me that I am overdue for a promotion!  This was so easy I wish I had done it years ago!

  1. But I don’t have time to go to the dentist every few weeks…

  2. I cannot afford to pay for braces...

  3. My dentist says that this is dangerous and I can mess up my teeth...

  4. My mom’s neighbor said they know someone who did this online and it messed up their mouth…

  5. I don’t know if my insurance will cover this expense...

  • Each of our cases is evaluated and prescribed by a licensed orthodontist.

  • Each case is designed online using an industry standard software.

  • We have periodic check-ins where the orthodontist reviews your progress to ensure you are on your way to your perfect smile.

  • Since everything is done remotely and we do not have to for office space, we pass the savings to our customers.

Imagine what life would be like a year from now if you start this process today.

Imagine you are sitting in a coffee shop a year from now reflecting on your life. 

  • Where would you be both personally and professionally? 

  • Would your self worth increase? 

  • Would you feel more powerful at work? 

  • Would you be happier? 

  • Would you hold your head up high because you look and feel better? 

  • Will your social capital be higher?

  • Would you tell yourself this was the best decision you ever made?

Our customers always tell us how much easier life gets after treatment.  They are happier and things work out better for them.


This is a game changer!

Part One:


 As soon as you buy the system, we will ship you our impression system.  In the package, you will find the easy to follow instructions on how to take your own impression of your smile.  You will also find instructions on how to send the impressions back to us.

Part TWO:


When we get your impressions, we scan them into our software and send the file to an American trained orthodontist on our team to design your case.  The orthodontist will then determine the appropriate treatment and your case will then be designed.  At this point you will get the details of your treatment.  You will know how long your treatment will take to complete, and how many aligners you will get.  You will also get a video of your smile transformation showing how your teeth will move into the perfect position.



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Show the world your new smile.  After completing treatment and having a final check with the orthodontist, you will need to wear a set of retainers at night to keep your beautiful new smile in place.  (The first set of retainers is included with this offer).

Super Cool Bonus 1: Tooth whitening kit

 No smile transformation is complete without a sparkle.  At the end of treatment, we will ship you a premium whitening kit to help brighten your smile.

Super Cool Bonus 2: Oral-B electric toothbrush

To encourage you to keep your smile clean and sparkly, we will ever give you an electric toothbrush for easier brushing.

Super Cool Bonus 3: First set of post treatment retainers

Retainers at the end of treatment are necessary to keep your new smile from shifting back.  The first set of retainers will be sent to you at no extra cost.  Subsequent retainers will need to be purchased either from us or from your regular dentist at a frequency of approximately once per year.

Super Cool Bonus 4: Aligner carrying case

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You will receive a carrying case with your first set of aligners.  The carrying case will be used for storage when you remove your aligners to eat, or while you drink warm beverages.

Limited Time Offer

(Month of March)

​Here is what you get:

Aligner carrying case

Orthodontic prescription to send to your insurance

Return shipping label to send us back your impressions at no extra cost to you

$24 Value

Oral-B electric toothbrush

$65 Value

Impression box sent to you with all necessary instructions to take the perfect impressions of your teeth

$65 Value

Tooth whitening kit upon completion of treatment

$125 Value

First set of post treatment retainers

$145 Value

Orthodontic evaluation by an American licensed orthodontist

$185 Value

Personal smile transformation video

$299 Value

All treatment aligners mailed to you

$4800 Value

Money Back Guarantee

$5700+ Total value

Unstoppable Confidence! 

$297 DowN

+ 18 monthly payments of $97 / month